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Stainless Steel Straight Thru-Hulls Barbed Short Length

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Lifetime Warranty

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Polish your image with these beautiful, durable stainless steel fittings. Each Thru-Hull and Scupper Valve is available with a new silicone gasket and are backed by Attwood's trusted Lifetime Warranty! Why specify plastic parts when these fittings will last the life of the boat?

Rugged Stainless Construction

  •  Cast from certified enhanced #316 Stainless Steel allow for strength and lifetime corrosion-resistance.
  • We polish all visible areas to a mirror finish, then each part through a passivation for additional protection
  • Thick steel sidewalls withstand continual stress and hose flexing

Solid Silicone Gasket

  •  Gasket is dimensionally stable--will not deteriorate or shrink over time
  • Excellent resistance to UV & weather-aging
  • Watertight, fool-proof, one-piece seal
  • Eliminates the need to form and apply sealant or caulk
  • No moreChemicals, solvent-soaked rags,or cleanup
  • More than pays for itself in saved labor and cleanup time
  • Guaranteed good looks because the perfect fit and concealment is built in the gasket

Faster, Simpler Installation

  • A channel under the flange holds a bead of sealant, making it easier to apply a trouble-free seal
  • All models have wrench flats or an end notch to hold as a gripping surface. One installer can tighten all connections from inside the hull
  • Barbed tail ends provide plenty of room to hold multiple clamps

Caution: Thru-Hull connectors are designed for installation above the water line only.