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Flush Louvered Vents

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For use with collector box: 1341-1, 1342-1

Attwood has been a decades long supplier of boat vents and ventilation components to marine OEM's. If it is stainless steel, chrome or plastic, Attwood boat vents are a traditional part of many boats. Attwood hull-mounted boat vents and collector boxes are designed to install by fastening as a complete unit from either inside or outside the hull.

Ventilation hose (not included) twists into the bottom of the collector box to form a raised water barrier. Plastic boat vents are corrosion resistant, will not discolor, and some can be painted to match boat gelcoat. All collector boxes and vents are designed for intake or exhaust and meet ABYC H-2 cross sectional area requirements.

Chrome 1341, 1342 2" x 15-1/4" 1426-1 1426-5
Black 1341, 1342 2" x 15-1/4" 1423-1 1423-5
White 1341, 1342 2" x 15-1/4" 1425-1 1425-5