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Dual Output Livewell Aerator Pump

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3 Year Warranty

The Attwood Tsunami Dual-Outlet Aerator Pump is more efficient and more useful than any competitive livewell pumps. Some dual-port aerator pumps offer a second hole below the pressure chamber to get the “dual-port” name, while others simply glue a threaded housing to the bottom of an existing aerator pump. The Tsunami's second outlet is integrated into the pressure chamber, so it looks — and pumps — like part of the aerator.

Beneath the standard 3/4" barbed outlet, there's a second hose-threaded outlet on the pressure housing. Both outlets are engineered for the precise position and angle that will deliver optimum performance. Wiring is caulked and tinned to eliminate wicking, prevent water damage and resist corrosion.

The advantage of the dual outlet livewell pump is that you can feed multiple applications through a single thru-hull fitting, which can be straight thru-transom, remote or seacock-mounted. Whichever you choose, you can actually feed two livewell, or use the second outlet for a low pressure rinse hose. Or, use one outlet to aerate, and route the other outlet to a positive displacement pump, using it as an intake for a high-pressure washdown application.

Water-cooled motor inside a tough housing made of engineered alloy resin. Housing resists impacts, UV, chemicals, and the plasticizers used in most hoses. Even resists the acetic acid used in silicone sealants. Patented stainless steel reinforced motor shaft seal that ensures perfect alignment and sealing.

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