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Deck fills for Pressure Relief Systems

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About Attwood Gas Fills

EPA-certified diurnal emission control component with dual pressure relief valves. Features triple high-flow vacuum valves that ensure superior fuel flow and exceptionally low vacuum restriction. Meets CARB requirement for Phase II Integrated Fuel Components (bellow mating).

Exclusive, industry-leading overpressure relief safety valve, along with exclusive built-in nozzle retention with an integrated flame/spark arrestor that is designed and tested to prevent water from entering the fuel system.

Supports 4-18 gallons per minute during refueling when used with Attwood components. Has an ISO 13331 nozzle mating standards that is ISO 10088 and CE compliant. Meets ABYC, USCG, and EPA diurnal emission standards. Has ISO symbol compatible with CE and worldwide marking requirements.

Engineered For Any Boat's Style and Industry Leading Safety. Attwood is a the marine industry's premier source of fuel accessories. From the simplest tank vent to the most beautiful stainless gas fill, every. Attwood boat part is engineered to enhance both the looks of your boat and the comfort - and safety - of you and your passengers.


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