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Automatic Bilge Pump Switches

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As the water rises in your engine compartment, these switches turn on your bilge pump to keep you, your family, friends and boat safe. They are compatible with any brand of bilge pump and will make any bilge pump ready for fully automatic operation.

Five Year Warranty - Boating's Best

With an industry leading 5 year warranty, the Attwood digital bilge switch is built to last. It comes equipped with fully sealed electronics that are completely protected from water or chemical damage. More importantly, this switch is free of moving parts that can jam up, break or wear out over time.

Attwood Float Switches

Excellent engineering - like all Attwood boat parts The most popular float switches in the history of boating. These Attwood automatic float switches feature a compact, low-profile design that mounts on any surface from horizontal up to a 24° angle.

No large voltage drop which reduces bilge pump output like some reed switch designs.

Incorporates a reliable and affordable mechanical switch that actuates pump motor at 2" water level. Wire leads do not flex or hinge with the float as on some competitive models. Integral cover dampens bilge sloshing to reduce pump cycling, and prevents debris interference. Sealed switch mechanism resists moisture, fume-ignition, and electrical shock. Maximum amp draw is 12 amps (at 12-Volts D.C.) or 6-amps (at 24-Volts D.C.). One Year Warranty.



 California Residents WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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