Vertical Mount with Pin Contacts for Straight Pole


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Plug-In Navigation Light Bases - Vertical Mount With Pin Contacts For Straight Pole - BacktoBoating

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Part Number 911490-1

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This unique pole light base can be mounted on flat windshield frame and includes a "V" adapter for mounting on angled windshield frame. Can also be used as a transom mount in open utility boats, and is popular for pontoon applications.

Black Plastic with hinged lid that snaps closed to keep dirt and water out when stowed away.Completely non-corrosive, it features contacts which are nickel-plated to resist corrosion and multi-crimped for durability, and wire leads tinned for corrosion resistance.

Two holes for #8 fasteners. Includes 7-1/2" hard wire leads for connection to 12 VDC power supply. Dimensions: 4-1/4" long x 1-1/2" wide x 1-1/8" high.

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