Stud Mount Herreshoff Cleat


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This beautiful cleat features the classic look of a traditional Herreshoff design, plus all the advantages of a stud-mount installation.

  • Polished stainless finish provides an attractive, premium appearance for the finest boats.
  • Alloy is certified 316 stainless steel. Acid and rinsing baths remove surface contaminants and produce a mirror-finish hydrous oxide film. Corrosion-resistance is guaranteed for life!
  • Stud mounting leaves no exposed fasteners to collect water or dirt.
  • Stainless steel nylock washers and nuts are supplied to fit the concealed stainless steel studs.
  • Description Stud Size Bulk Packaging Aftermarket Packaging
    4" long 1/4" x 20 66334-1  -
    6" long 1/4" x 20 66335-1  -
    8" long 5/16" x 18 66336-1

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