Pulsar Navigation Lights


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Free Freight to Lower 48

Attwood Pulsar navigation lights are intelligently planned for easier installation, maintenance, and efficient light output - just what you'd expect from Attwood boat parts.

Loaded with Features

  • Smooth contour prevents lines from snagging on housing. Available in a variety of finishes.
  • Stainless Steel electrical contacts will not corrode.
  • Includes 9-Watt wedge base bulb.
  • For use on boats up to 39.4 ft. (20 meters).
  • One-mile, 225º light visibility.
  • Each light provides one-mile, 112.5º light visibility.
  • Includes a 9-Watt (#906) wedge base lamp.


Similar lights include: 5040, 5040WH, 5040CR, 5040SS, 5040-1, 5040WH1, 5040CR1, 5040SS1, 5040R7, 5040G7, 5040SSR7, 5040SSG7 Replacement covers include: 912091B, 912091BW, 912091BC, 913068SB, 912091C, 912091CW, 912091CC, 913068SC (*) Mandatory Option (5040xx-1)

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