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Livewell Aerator Pumps

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3 Year Warranty

More power! That's the number one request that Attwood receives from boatbuilders, dealers and boaters alike.  Three high-efficiency Attwood aerator pumps move water at output capacities of 500 gph, 800 gph and 1200 gph.  The Attwood livewell pump wiring is caulked and tinned to eliminate wicking, prevent water damage and resist corrosion.

Proven Performance

The AttwoodLivewell pump includes barbed hose adaptor. The aerator pump moves more water and oxygen into livewell tanks to keep fish active. Cooler-Running Motors, Premium Materials, Water-tight Seals, and Waterproof Wiring. The livewell pump cartridge motors are replaceable and interchangeable

Built to Last

Attwood Tsunami aerator pumps are durable and designed to last, too. The efficient design circulates water around the livewell pump motor housing, helping to absorb the heat given off by the operating motor. Attwood uses the most advanced material available, including the best quality bearings and state-of-the-art brushes, alloys and magnets. Their patented shaft seal centers directly on the aerator pump motor shaft, preventing leaks caused by misalignment and the exclusive molded two-wire seal is permanently fused to the insulation to prevent a leak path.


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