Attwood is the marine industry's top supplier of gas springs

Attwood Springlift Gas Springs

All Sizes. All Pressures. Free Freight to Lower 48.

About Attwood Gas Springs

Attwood Springlift is one of the world's leading suppliers of gas springs. All are made with bio-degradable no hazard to water grade oil, making them the marine industry’s most environmentally friendly gas springs. All springs pass the tough Attwood Salt Spray and a 30,000 cycle life test. Attwood springs come with support to ensure the proper spring for your specific application.

To Find Your Attwood Springlift Gas Spring By Part Number

The most common approach to choosing a new Attwood gas spring is to simple use the part number of the old spring, even if it wasn't an Attwood SpringLift part - which may explain why you have to replace it!

Finding the part number

Part numbers are usually printed on the body of the old gas spring. They usually begin with a few letters including "SPD", "SL", "GSNI", "ML", or, in the case of less reputable manufacturers, "POS".

Can't find a number?

If your old spring never had a part number, or the number has worn off, you can also search by the size of the gas spring or check out a list of all our Attwood Springlift gas springs.

About Connection End Types

While Attwood builds both blade and socket connector gas springs, the variety of gas springs available with a "blade" connection is fairly limited. If you have a "blade" connection on your old spring, you may well find that we have a comparable replacement. But, if we don't, it's fairly simple to replace your "blade" style brackets with "socket" style and greatly increase the number of springs that are available for your job - and we have a full selection of these Attwood SpringLift gas spring brackets for you.

About Gas Spring Sizes

If the new Attwood SpringLift gas springs vary slightly from your old ones, it probably won't affect the outcome of your project.

If you are not replacing an old spring, but working on an entirely new project, you may just prefer to see a list of all the Attwood gas springs that are available and plan your design accordingly.

All Available Attwood Springlift Gas Springs

Attwood gas springs are available with both socket and blade type connectors
Blade Connector Attwood Springlift Gas Springs
Extended Length Compressed Length Stroke Blade Size Click to Choose
6.50 inch 4.90 inch 1.60 inch 6.33mm Series 4
10.00 inch 7.00 inch 3.00 inch 10mm Series 1
15.00 inch 9.50 inch 5.50 inch 10mm Series 2
20.00 inch 12.00 inch 8.00 inch 10mm Series 3

Socket Connector Attwood Springlift Gas Springs
Extended Length Compressed Length Stroke Socket Size Click to Choose
7.50 inch 5.25 inch 2.25 inch 10mm Series 11 or Series 31
10.00 inch 7.00 inch  3.00 inch 10mm Series 10 or Series 30
10.50 inch 7.50 inch 3.00 inch 10mm Series 32
12.04 inch 8.46 inch 3.58 inch 10mm Series 15 or Series 35
15.00 inch 9.50 inch 5.50 inch 10mm Series 13 or Series 33
17.20 inch 10.20 inch 7.00 inch 10mm Series 16 or Series 36
18.50 inch 11.00 inch 7.50 inch 10mm Series 18
20.00 inch 12.00 inch 8.00 inch 10mm Series 14 or Series 34
20.20 inch 12.30 inch 7.90 inch 13mm Series 20
23.00 inch 13.12 inch 9.87 inch 10mm Series 38
26.30 inch 16.10 inch 10.20 inch 10mm Series 37 or Series 25
26.97 inch 15.20 inch 11.77 inch 10mm Series 26
28.00 inch 16.50 inch 11.50 inch 10mm Series 27
30.91 inch 17.13 inch 13.78 inch 10mm Series 28
36.30 inch 21.10 inch 15.20 inch 13mm Series 29